Design and Style: Knotty Pine D
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Design and Style: Knotty Pine D

Q:   We are moving to our lakehome full-time. In this new home, I have knotty pine walls. Would you introduce traditional dark colored furniture (such as a credenza) to the knotty pine?
– Barbara Heimer, via e-mail

A:  One thing to keep in mind when decorating with knotty pine walls is that too much wood furniture can make the sheer amount of wood tiresome to the eye.

Ideally, simple painted furniture in warm, contrasting tones – as opposed to finished wood grains – is the best match for knotty pine. Deep red colors can be very striking against light pine walls. Sages and earthy greens can be very soothing.

Sofas and chairs with slipcovers in soft textures like chenille play well into the relaxed aura of knotty pine. Old wooden kitchen chairs painted in different colors such as pale yellow and old-fashioned green would be cottage/country-looking.

Lodge-style accents – old hardcover books, thrift store finds like snowshoes, vintage bottles – could complete the look.

A dark-colored credenza sounds a little formal for knotty pine walls.  If you already have the piece, try to work it in organically with the lodge style of decorating. Soften the credenza by covering it with a vintage-looking, warm-colored runner.

When it comes to lakehomes, a certain unstudied, mix-and-match feel can be a design statement in and of itself.

Painted furniture, such as the chair, credenza and tables from Nordic Home, look great in rustic interiors – whether log or knotty pine.
Nordic Home

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