DIY Deck Planters
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DIY Deck Planters

These inexpensive planters are easy to customize and will give your deck a personalized touch.

Article courtesy of Garden Gate Magazine
It’s easy to customize these inexpensive containers for a look that’s all your own. Here’s how we did it.
•    24-in. × 10-in. plastic deck rail planter
•    One metallic and one textured spray paint for plastic surfaces
•    3-ply jute rope
•    Pre-taped masking film (painters’ tape with attached plastic edge)
•    Drop cloth

Step 1

DIY Deck Planters 1
Tape off areas you want to keep the original color. Over a drop cloth, spray the first color and let it dry, then give it another coat. Tuck the plastic edge on the masking film into the container so you don’t waste paint on the inside.

Step 2

DIY Deck Planters 2
Leave the tape in place, and wrap the plastic film over the edge of the planter to protect it from the second color, a textured stone color. After two coats of the second color, wrap a length of jute around the center of each container to finish them off. (A couple drops of glue holds it in place.)

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