Editor's Picks: Outdoor Gear
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Editor's Picks: Outdoor Gear1

7 products to help you make the most of your outdoor experience

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  1. Capture all the action from your outdoor adventure without missing a beat using a hands-free mountable camera. Swann’s Freestyle HD is a high-definition, wearable video camera that can be attached to virtually anything and records up to 10 hours with a separate memory card. The camera is stored in a waterproof case and can be operated with a wireless remote control. Use a USB cord to recharge the camera and upload your shots to your computer. $280. (562-777-2551; swann.com)
  2. No one likes to plan a day outdoors only to be surprised by bad weather. Monitor what’s going on around your cabin with Netatmo’s Urban Weather Station. Using an Apple or Android device, you can track temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and air quality in real time or over time for patterns to help you plan the best times for outside activities. Real-time notifications also can be valuable for staying on top of weather conditions when you’re away from your cabin. The device comes with an additional sensor to monitor indoor environmental elements as well to make sure that your indoor-air quality is good. $179. (netatmo.com)
  3. Smartphone applications have integrated themselves into almost every aspect of our lives, with activity planning being a key area of assistance. Using your smartphone outdoors, though, can create some potential hazards. Enter Griffin Technology’s Survivor case, designed to protect your iPhone from the damage of being dropped, splashed or shaken as you explore the outdoors. A rigid frame helps absorb blows, while a deflecting display shield keeps out water, sand and dust. An adjustable clip secures your device to your equipment. $50. (877-386-0373; griffintechnology.com) WIN THIS
  4. Make sure you’re prepped for a day of adventure by getting all your gear together in an easy-to-carry backpack. At 11 ounces, REI’s Flash 18 pack is lightweight and capable of holding your essentials (e.g., sunscreen, water bottle, snacks) with additional loops to attach extra items on the exterior. Or turn it inside out to create a handy stuff sack. The back also doubles as a sit pad when you need to take a break. $34.50. (800-426-4840; rei.com)
  5. Pets love being outdoors as much as the rest of us, but hot summer temperatures can leave them equally tired and dehydrated. Make sure your four-legged friends are getting the refreshments they need with FrostyBowlz. These insulated bowls help keep your pet’s water and food cold all day long through a freezable, nontoxic gel core that can be stored in your freezer until you’re ready to use it. A stainless steel cover fits snuggly over top, with an ant barrier to keep pests from getting in. Starting at $20. (877-706-2255; frostybowlz.com) WIN THIS
  6. Starved for space for all of your outdoor gear? Check out fBIKE Direct’s collapsible bike as a space-saving solution to your outdoor activity needs. Its compact design can fit easily behind a sofa or in a closet, or stored in the trunk of your car for simple transport. A few adjustable points around the handle bar, seat, midsection and pedals allow the bike to unfold and fold easily without any tools for quick usability. Pick the look you like from three different finishes: graphite gray, papaya orange and margarita green. $249. (781-890-3888; fbikedirect.com)
  7. Proper hydration is essential to enjoying a sunny afternoon outdoors. CamelBak’s eddy glass water bottle can help you quench your thirst while you’re out and about. The reusable, dishwasher-safe bottle is designed for one-handed use with a silicone sleeve and thumb tab, plus a straw for increased water flow into your system. A shielded vent helps keep dirt out and water in. Sleeves are available in aqua, purple, lime and charcoal. $25. (800-767-8725; camelbak.com)

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