Essential Tips for Planning Your Dream Cabin Wedding
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Essential Tips for Planning Your Dream Cabin Wedding

The great thing about cabins is that they have a certain charm, whether they’re new or old, so you’ll have a great backdrop for your celebration.

Written by Sam Bowman


 Photo: Jocelyn Allen / Unsplash


Many couples dream of a wedding outside of a standard venue like a church or a chapel with the idea of adding a bit of rustic charm to their nuptials. While a park or ski lodge can be lovely, nothing beats heading to the cabin. However, before you send out the invitations, you need to keep your guests in mind. Since some may not be accustomed to hanging out in the wilderness, preparation is vital.


Why You Should Have A Cabin Wedding

The great thing about cabins is that they have a certain charm, whether they’re new or old, so you’ll have a great backdrop for your celebration. Talk to just about anyone who’s had a wedding at their cabin, and they’ll likely tell you how magical it can truly be. In addition to the opportunity to take photos around the cabin and the nature surrounding you, there are also opportunities for adventure. Many folks also host their bachelor and bachelorette parties in these environments, and it can make for incredible memories.

In addition to being beautiful, a wedding alternative can also be more affordable. If it’s your own cabin, you can save on rental fees and security deposits, and you'll have full control over all the details. Even if you’re renting a cabin, you’ll get a more affordable price than at a larger venue. 

One of the most important tips for your cabin wedding is to plan for the weather. You may like the autumn or early spring colors, but it could be colder during that time of year. Ensure the weather isn’t so chilly that it affects your guests. Even if you have the wedding in the cabin, you’ll need to ensure that it’s adequately insulated. Check the weather in advance so you can prepare and inform the guests what to wear so they're safe and comfortable.


Consider Your Guests

The weather is just one area where you need to consider your guests. You may spend every weekend at your cabin or out in the wilderness, but that may not be the case for everyone. Make sure that your invitations and follow-up messages inform the guests of exactly what’s involved so they can plan accordingly and are not surprised. For instance, they may need to bring their own chairs or bring bug spray, and they’ll want to know that in advance.

If your cabin is located outside of town or requires guests to travel a great distance, you may need to consider where they’ll stay. You may only have so much room in your cabin. If there isn’t room for everyone, you may need to offer alternative lodging options. Tell them about nearby towns and suitable hotels or rentals they can try. 

Also, consider setting up travel arrangements to bring the guests from the hotel to the cabin for the wedding. Whether you hire a driver, or the guests drive themselves, if your cabin is deep into the woods, you’ll want to provide a clear route so they don’t get lost. Put out plenty of signs with arrows along the path. You can also make a map or copy and paste instructions from Google Maps and include them with the invitations. 


DIY The Wedding

To keep the rustic cabin theme and save money, you can DIY your wedding from start to finish. Begin by using an online program to create your website. Use it to show pictures of the cabin, share the game plan for the festivities, and provide directions. You can also DIY your wedding menu and share that with the guests. 

Next, prepare your outdoor space with touches that will make it accommodating for guests. Add a firepit if you don’t already have one. Make sure every part of the yard has a purpose, from a dance area to a decorated picture-taking nook. Add an entertainment area and gorgeous lighting and then move on to other personal touches. 

If you have a small gathering, you and your friends can even prepare the food using ingredients that are found in the surrounding forest. You can save a ton of money by making or writing your wedding invitations, thank you notes, and wedding announcements. Put your creativity to work!

Continue to stick to your budget by making your own decorations. Find colorful leaves and flowers around the area and craft centerpieces or place a small flower at the end of each row of chairs. If vines and unique plants are growing nearby, you can use them to dress up the wedding arch. Another idea is to find some pinecones that will stay in place and paint them or leave them as is, and they can function as name card holders for each table.  

Finally, since you’re in a unique environment, think of some fun home-style reception events that everyone can enjoy, such as a fun craft station, wedding-themed cornhole or a ring toss with large decorated “wedding rings.” You can even encourage guests to make their own desserts with a cupcake or cookie-making station. 


With the proper planning and a little imagination, you can have the dream cabin wedding you always wanted. Consider your guests and their needs and make it easy for everyone to enjoy the festivities. You’ll make it a celebration everyone will never forget.


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