How to Get Out on the Water and Love It
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How to Get Out on the Water and Love It

A guide to simplifying paddlesports access for everyone.

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The open water. The soothing sound of paddle meets surface. The sensation of floating—suspended in the middle of nature. There’s nothing like it. Paddlesports lovers know the feeling. Getting out on the water is your chance to reflect, recharge, and experience nature from a whole new point of view. That’s one of the reasons paddlesports are becoming so popular. Kayaks, canoes, and SUPs are some of the simplest watercraft to master and are just as easy to store and transport.

The hardest part? Getting in and getting out. In fact, it’s a common excuse people use for not going out on the water. Fear of tipping, dread of getting wet feet, frustration, or more serious matters such as prior injuries can often keep you, your friends, and your family from enjoying the physical and mental health benefits of paddling.  Accessibility to the water can be a barrier for even the most experienced paddlers—significantly shortening the season due to changing water temperatures. But with the right equipment, these barriers to getting out on the water can be broken and anyone of any experience level can enjoy cabin life on the water’s edge through the seasons.


Launches: Access Made Easy

All paddlers have one thing in common: they want to be out on the water. That’s why having a proper kayak launch is key. Even experienced paddlers will find that having a launch for your kayak, canoe, or SUP makes the whole process an effortless, pleasant experience—getting you out on the water, where you really want to be, much quicker. Here are some features and benefits to think about when considering a paddlesports dock launch:

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1. Provide Stability & Eliminate Wet Feet

Dirt paths to the shore are commonly used for water access, but do not provide the ease or stability of kayak launches. Moreover, this type of access can get muddy or require the user to get their feet wet—which can shorten your season for being out on the water. A kayak launch keeps your paddlecraft out of the water, providing anyone with the space to enter or exit easily while staying dry. Particularly, a floating kayak launch will enable you to access the water despite chop or water level variation and keep the paddlecraft steady as you enter and exit. Plus, fishermen, birders, and enthusiasts can get out on the water earlier in the spring and later in the fall, confident that they can stay dry and warm when launching their paddlecraft.

2. Think Adaptable, Barefoot Friendly & Maintenance Free

Another key to easy access (as well as ease of ownership) is choosing a kayak launch designed to accommodate fluctuating water levels and provide superior durability. Polyethylene floating launches that use chambers often provide the greatest value, as they don’t break up over time and enable your dock to remain stable and dry during changing water conditions. The polythethylene material resists rot and saltwater corrosion and stands up to weather without any upkeep. It’s also slip-resistant and splinter-free. Light-colored polyethylene, in particular, does not transfer absorbed heat as quickly as most aluminum or metal launches, making it safer for barefoot entry/exit.


3. Select a Launch With Versatility

When investing in a kayak launch, choose a style that is versatile. You should also select a launch that accommodates many different types of paddlesports, from single and tandem kayaks to canoes and SUPs. This way, all your friends and family can bring their own preferred paddlecrafts and launch/dock them all with ease. And speaking of versatility, these launches are adaptable and connectable to nearly any dock or dock system. Ask your dealer for details.

4. Remember: Small Details Matter

There are a variety of special features available that make launching and docking even easier for people of all ages. Paddle notches enable inexperienced paddlers to easily and safely pull themselves into the dock, and make docking even quicker for veteran enthusiasts. A V-shaped entry helps guide your craft onto or out of the water gradually, while skid bunks enable sturdy entry and exit. If you have an especially long or oddly-shaped craft, entry handrails can also help simplify launching and porting.


Anyone Can Enjoy Paddling—It’s EZ

Out on the water, anything is possible—you can make a quick and quiet getaway or explore and test your skills. Having the right paddlesport launch can take the hardest and most time consuming part of paddling out of the equation—entry and exit. Products like the new EZ Kayak Launch from EZ Dock allow you to launch right into action with security and ease, all while staying dry. They remove barriers to the water for people of all ages (from kids to the elderly), ranges of ability, and experience levels so everyone can enjoy the benefits of paddling. In fact, EZ Dock products and the EZ Launch Accessible Transfer System provide individuals with disabilities universal accessibility that exceeds the minimum requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Read more about the award-winning accessibility that EZ Dock products provide by clicking here. Further, the all new EZ Kayak Launch won a prestigious Innovation Award at the 2017 Miami International Boat Show for it’s unique and effective features. Read about it here!

There's more!

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This content sponsored by EZ Dock.


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