Yurt Rentals in Michigan's Groveland Oaks
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Test Out a Yurt at This Michigan Campground

Ever wondered what it'd be like to post up in one of these cozy, tent-meets-cabin structures? This campground offers an affordable opportunity to see for yourself:

Written by Gina Valente
Photography by Gina Valente

What is a yurt? These lodgings are tent-like circular fabric structures with wood lattice frames. Traditionally they were used in central Asia by nomadic herding families, but nowadays you’ll find them in camping communities throughout the U.S. You’ll often hear this type of accommodation referred to as “glamping” because it is a more glamorous form of camping.
An Oakland County Park in Holly, Michigan by the name of Groveland Oaks is one local community to offer these structures. The short, 50 minute drive from Detroit makes this a great location for families in the area to “get away from it all” without actually having to go very far. (Or really rough it!) 
The perfect blend between cabins and tents, yurts give you a camp-like experience with some of the perks you’d have at a hotel or resort. The structures come with beds, a nightstand, a kitchen table and chairs, refrigerator, and electricity. They do not come with bed linens or toiletries or bathrooms, but a community bathroom with showers is available for all renters.
One of the biggest draws with the yurts at Groveland Oaks is that they are extremely affordable for families. With weekly rates ranging between $300-$550 depending on size and season, the yurts are inexpensive compared to a hotel or resort. Another plus is that they allow you to feel like you’re camping but with a lot more comfort than a good old, on-the-ground tent. They are permanent, heated, and you don’t have to worry about getting wet if the weather doesn’t go according to plan. Additionally, they are a good rental option because of their access to park activities, like swimming, paddle boats, and hiking and biking trail.
If you find yourself craving a weekend adventure with unique style a yurt at Groveland Oaks may be just the fix. 

Gina Valente lives in Ferndale, Michigan and runs the cabin blog, Moody Cabin Girl. She has a love for unique dwellings, adventures, and all things whimsical. When not running around renting cabins, she is trying new restaurants in the Detroit area and posting about them on her Instagram account, Girls Gone Hungry .

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