Hang a Picture Collage Like a Pro
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Hang a Picture Collage Like a Pro

Here's how to frame your picture collage on your wall without nailing a dozen holes in the process.

Hang a Picture Collage Like a Pro

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Hanging a collage of frames can be a finicky task. Working on a vertical plane—and not being able to step back more than an arm’s length—makes it hard to get the balance and composition just right. And fine-tuning the arrangement after you hang the frames on nails is definitely easier said than done.

That’s why it’s a good idea to keep the nails and hammer in the toolbox until you have a chance to see and tweak what you’re working with. You can easily do this by taping a piece of paper to the wall in the place of each frame.
Get out the marker and trace your frames on paper. Cutouts can be taped to the wall and adjusted until you’re ready to commit to an arrangement for the actual photos.

Start by tracing your frames on paper and cutting them out. Then mark the locations of the nail hangers, and label the shapes so you know which is which. Lay out an arrangement of frames on the floor — paying attention not only to the positioning, but also to the balance of frame styles and photos.

Now you can replicate the arrangement on the wall with the paper shapes, and adjust the spacing until you’re satisfied. You already marked where the nail holes need to go, so now you can get out the hammer without hesitation.

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