Holiday Party Themes
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Holiday Party Themes

Tired of hosting – and attending – the same holiday-themed parties? Spice up your traditional celebrations with these unconventional yet festive themes:

Holiday wrapathon: Buying gifts is typically fun; wrapping them is another story. You supply scissors and tape, and ask each guest to bring their pile of gifts, spare bows or ribbons and a tube of wrapping paper. Pass the tubes around so guests can wrap their gifts in different papers, turning a monotonous task into an evening of fun!

Party for a cause: Adopt a family in need and distribute their wish list in your invitations. Request that each guest bring a present from the list, and enjoy the company of your family and friends while bringing joy to others.
Ornament show & tell: We all have our favorite ornaments – whether it’s the Popsicle-stick snowflake your son made in preschool or your family’s handmade ceramic angel passed down from generations. Invite your guests to bring their prized and quirky ornaments to your party and share the stories behind them.

Slide into the new year: Cook up mini versions of your favorite pub-style sandwiches! For inspiration, check out this reader-submitted recipe for Cuban sliders.

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