How to Build New Stairs for Your Deck
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How to Build New Stairs for Your Deck

Simple steps to make a stunning new staircase.

Written by David Stone
How to Build New Stairs for Your Deck

Decks and backyards are both great places for outdoor living. Too often, though, they’re almost completely disconnected from each other both physically and visually. But with a few tools and basic framing skills, you can build a great-looking stairway to integrate the deck and yard.

As you can see, we accomplished this on our deck redo with a unique three-sided “wraparound” staircase. This type of staircase is a little more complicated than the average one, but it creates a one-of-a-kind look for your deck. We have plans that walk you through the entire construction process in detail at

A staircase like this takes a bit of prep work upfront to make it a reality. On our deck, we started with cutting off the corner of the deck at an angle to accommodate the stairs. After that, we installed stringer supports, which are just boards mounted under the deck to hold the stringers. We also had to carefully lay out and mark the locations of the concrete footings, so they aligned with where the bottoms of the stringers would be.
The staircase is made up of three basic parts: stringers, which are the notched, angled boards that connect the deck and yard; treads, which are the boards you step on; and risers, which are the vertical elements of each step. You can size all these parts for your deck using the information in the gallery shown below. The trick to creating a three-sided staircase is to make bevel cuts on some of the stringers where they meet at the corners. The riser boards also get beveled, and the stair treads are mitered to help it all go together.

The stairs have a post-and-railing system that matches the railing assembly on the deck itself.  The only difference here is that the pieces get mounted at an angle, so all the cuts on the railings also need to be made at an angle.

Check out these staircase construction illustrations:


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