How to Choose a Good Topsoil
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How to Choose a Good Topsoil

Are you planning a garden project this spring? Then you better add a load of soil to your materials list. Plan your source carefully. We sometimes forget that soil is as alive as the vegetables and herbs that we intend to introduce to their new homes.

You’ll need topsoil, which is typically the top two inches of the uppermost layer of undisturbed soil and a host to the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms that are crucial to the healthy life of your plants.

Topsoil can be purchased at any Lowe’s, Home Depot or farm supply store, but if you need a dump truck-size load, you’re better off buying it in bulk from a landscape supplier.

Given the inherent variance in bulk topsoil sources, evaluate options in person prior to scheduling a delivery. Two tips to keep in mind:
  • Lean toward loose and crumbly sandy loams in coffee-colored hues, which is an indicator of good organic matter – the best substrate for your future food plot.
  • Also, make sure the soil has been screened, so large rocks and live roots, like dreaded quack-grass weeds, have been removed.

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