How to Clean Your Cabin Ceiling
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How to Clean Wood Ceilings and Beams

Here's how to banish dust and grime.

Written by Katie Barton
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 How to Clean Wood Ceilings
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There's no denying it–wood ceilings set the tone for rustic ambiance in log cabins. They can even add character to brand-new homes. However, just like other surfaces throughout the house, they're susceptible to dust and cobwebs. If you’re looking for the most efficient way to clean up overhead, here’s what you should know.

Always: Dust Your Ceiling Beams

The best way to keep your beams and ceilings looking great is to dust them regularly. A regular dusting will save you from having to do a deeper cleaning down the road.
If you’ve never dusted your ceilings before, it’s a good idea to purchase an inexpensive dusting kit with a telescopic arm. These dusters enable you to easily reach your ceilings, and are much safer than trying to dust while standing on a ladder or chair. Washable dusting pads and soft microfiber brushes make cleanup a breeze.
If your ceilings currently have years of dust on them, it will take some work to remove it all. Luckily, a monthly dusting plan will keep the future elbow grease to a minimum.
Here’s how to dust your wood ceilings and beams: 
  • Use a vacuum with a long attachment piece to suck up all the cobwebs.
  • Using either a cloth, microfiber duster or very soft-bristled brush with a telescopic arm, go over your ceilings and beams, knocking the remaining dust to the ground. (NEVER use a hard bristled brush on your wood.)
Pro tip: Don't clean your floors until you're done with the ceiling! Sweep the floors after you’re finished to eliminate all the dust.

Sometimes: Clean With a Mild Cleaner

Regularly dusting your ceiling and beams should be enough to keep them cleaned and properly cared for. However, there may be spots where dust has sat too long or residue is showing, and dusting just isn’t enough.
In this case, you’ll need to clean your wood ceilings and beams with a mild cleaner. Here’s how to do it:
  • Find a wood-safe cleaner or mix a bit of dish soap with water.
  • If your ceilings are really high, attach a soft cloth to a duster with a telescopic arm.
  • Saturate your cloth with the cleaner and wipe the wood.
  • Use a fresh towel to dry the area you wiped down thoroughly.
Be sure to spot test your cleaner first. Some cleaners can affect the color of your wood or even remove the stain or paint. That would be devastating - so please, spot test! (Author's note: I rarely use a cleaner on my ceilings or beams. I find that merely maintaining a regular dusting schedule keeps them looking great.)
A few quick swipes with a duster every month will help you keep the dust at bay and ensure that your ceiling and beams are always looking their best.

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