How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Room
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How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Room

Sitting comfortably with friends or family on the cabin deck, with a warm fire and dinner sizzling on the grill, is pure pleasure. It’s also why people are turning their yard sand decks into inviting outdoor living spaces. People are extending the comfort and luxury of their homes into the great outdoors, and the result is the popular trend called the “outdoor room.”

Focus on Fire and Food: These are key elements in every well designed outdoor room. Position the fireplace as the focal point, blend in the cooking and eating areas and then ponder additional features.

Add Comfy Furnishings: Select comfortable patio furniture that invites people to settle in for an extended period of time. No matter your style, there are outdoor furnishings available to match, allowing you to create your own unique look. In addition to tables and chairs for the eating area, consider chaise lounges, couches and side tables.

Consider Lighting: To extend the amount of time spent outdoors, employ innovative lighting options including outdoor table lamps and pathway lighting to light the way and accentuate landscaping.

Decorative Details: An attractive table or a favorite piece of rustic art like a driftwood or wood-carved sculpture can help turn a backyard patio into a stunning outdoor room.


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