How to Deal with Bats at the Cabin
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How to Deal with Bats at the Cabin

If you are experiencing a bat infestation at the cabin, make sure to follow these tips and tricks to help you manage them.

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You won’t see bats during the daytime. But as the sun goes down, they’ll be out hunting.


Love ‘em

Bats consume thousands of insects, even in just one night.

What to do

Plants that bloom at night draw insects and the bats will stick around to eat the bugs. Avoid using insecticides that might kill their food sources. Dark hidden areas, such as old sheds, are great for daytime rest. And if you want to put up a bat house, research ways to create your own.


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Hate ‘em

While they do carry diseases, bats generally try to avoid humans and their living areas. Their appearance, as well as their erratic flight patterns, can startle or frighten people — and no one likes one in the house.

What to do

Ignore them as much as possible. But if they get into your home, open doors and windows to let them out. Then plug any holes where they could reenter. Bats can bite, so always wear heavy gloves for protection if you have to handle one.


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