How to Deal with Snakes at the Cabin
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How to Deal with Snakes at the Cabin

If snakes are invading your cabin garden, follow these tips on how to deal with them effectively.

 Photo by Allaya Nija / Unsplash


Article courtesy of Garden Gate Magazine


You’ll often find garter snakes living in brush piles, stone walls and areas with long grass or dense weeds, or in other words, damp areas where there’s a food supply.


Love ‘em

Snakes eat insects, slugs, small mammals, such as mice, and even other reptiles. But garter snakes don’t damage structures or property — and they’re not poisonous. 

What to do

Provide dark, cool places where they can hide. Avoid using insecticides so they have a steady supply of bugs to eat.


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Hate ‘em 

It’s the surprise factor that gets most folks. And some snake species are dangerous. It’s a good idea to learn to identify garter snakes so you can tell the difference.

What to do

Odds are, after you spot one, you won’t see it again unless it has a steady food supply nearby, so try to ignore it since it is helping you. Still don’t like them? Mow long grass and remove brush and rock piles where they hide.


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