How to Expand a Small Patio Table
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How to Expand a Small Patio Table

Need more seating but don't want to buy a new table? It's possible to do both.

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Article Courtesy of Garden Gate 
Q: My small patio table is fine most of the time, but I wish it were bigger when I have friends over. Any suggestions?
A: Make a removable plywood table topper to expand your seating options. Use ¾-in. plywood, which is sturdy enough not to bend, and cut the topper no more than 2 ft. wider or longer than your original table top, giving you a foot of extra space on each side. That should allow you to seat a couple of extra people (interior designers suggest allowing 24 in. per person around a table). Put a piece of nonslip shelf liner underneath the topper to keep it centered on the tabletop, and throw a pretty tablecloth over it to hide the plywood surface.

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