How to Plan the Ultimate Romantic Cabin Getaway
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How to Plan the Ultimate Romantic Cabin Getaway

Use this guide to plan the ultimate romantic cabin getaway to make incredible memories in honor of Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Written by Rose Morrison
 Photo Credit: Chad Madden / Unsplash


With Valentine’s Day upon us, you and your partner deserve an extra romantic cabin experience. Although dining at a fancy restaurant is lovely for some, your adventurous spirits might be happier exploring the outdoor world. Use this guide to plan the ultimate romantic cabin getaway to make incredible memories in honor of Valentine’s Day and beyond.


1. Pick Your Destination

Cabins are available almost anywhere, so there are many destinations to consider when planning your cabin getaway. Think about what kind of environment you’d both enjoy — do you want to wake up to snow-dusted trees or hike trails under the late-winter sun?

You should also reflect on which activities would be most fun for you and your partner. Some cabins are in the right spot for location-specific activities, like kayaking or rock climbing. Create a list of things you’d both love to do and start narrowing down your destination possibilities.

Remember to look into entertainment options in each town. Popular camping destinations may be close to cities with museums, musicals, concerts and seasonal events for big crowds. Others may rely on smaller towns with local restaurants and a pub to win over vacationers.

The perfect destination will have views you’ll both love, entertainment options for rainy days and outdoor activities you’ll enjoy. Next, you’ll need to find a place to stay that creates the vibe you want.


2. Find the Perfect Cabin

Adventurers often seek different features in their rental cabins to tailor their vacation experiences. Would you and your partner prefer a cabin with modern hookups or an off-grid getaway? 

A glamping cabin features high-tech amenities to create a luxury rental property. However, rustic cabins can create a love bubble, whisking you away from the rest of the world. Reflect on past camping experiences or your partner’s vacation preferences to find a cabin that creates the perfect getaway vibe for your romantic trip.


3. Plan Your Menu

Whichever type of cabin you prefer, you and your partner will need a lovely menu for your weekend escape. You could create dishes for two in your cabin’s kitchen or roast food over a campfire together. Plan your favorite meals and recipes to get everything you need once you arrive for your vacation. 

There are a few other details to consider when creating a meal plan. Valentine’s Day-inspired menus wouldn’t feel complete without a buttery cheese board paired with robust wines like Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot. Pair them with crackers or bread for a late-night snacking date or an appetizer before your main meal. 

You may also need to bring food and drinks on hikes, so think about which meals would fit in your backpack or hiking lunchbox. Practical options like sandwiches and bags of chips might not sound super romantic, but you can always leave love notes on their containers to make every moment feel like a daydream.


4. Create a Romantic Vibe

Romantic experiences look different for every couple. What would make your partner’s heart skip a beat? You two might look forward to sitting in a jacuzzi on your cabin’s porch, sipping champagne while the sun goes down. Couples who love rustic vibes could spend the day fishing and cook their catch over a campfire together.

Whatever you prefer, remember to think of the little details that make dreamy vacations extra sweet. You could bring a heavy winter blanket to keep you warm for hours as you spend extra time snuggling by the campfire. Mini charcuterie boards and string lights could also give your cabin a refined feel. It all depends on what you and your partner find charming.


5. Search for Adventure

Your cabin rental will feel like a dream, but you may not want to stay inside for your entire trip. After all, you can always have an indoor staycation at home. The ultimate cabin getaway wouldn’t be complete without a few ideas for outdoor adventures.

Research your chosen destination to discover what people do while they’re in town. Your trip could include activities like hiking, bird watching, rappelling or rock climbing. List all your potential options to pitch ideas to your partner after you arrive.


6. Head Out on the Water

If your rental is by a scenic lake or river, use it as inspiration for your activity plan. You’ll probably be able to find kayaking and canoeing stores nearby ready to loan you equipment for the afternoon. Your cabin might also come with everything you need, depending on what the property owners provide.

Some geographic regions still have warm weather in February or late winter, so don’t rule out swimming or jumping into the water from cliff faces. Pack a swimsuit and a few towels if your partner would love to take a quick splash. Swimming could be a lovely surprise if you want to plan a secret activity that will make them feel treasured. 


7. Remember to Take Pictures

You’ll want to bring a phone or camera with you once you unload your belongings at your cabin rental. Pack a waterproof phone bag and keep your equipment in your backpack while hiking. You’ll capture picturesque views and save the memories you’re making with your partner forever, especially if you bring an external battery to recharge your device.


8. Spend Time Under the Stars

Romantic movies often feature scenes with romantic dates under the stars. There’s something incredibly intimate about being with your favorite person under an infinite night sky with sparkling lights. Spread a blanket on the grass to finish your experience with some stargazing.

Between identifying constellations with a helpful stargazing app, you and your partner can make s’mores over your campfire. You could also fill thermoses with hot chocolate made in the cabin’s kitchen to sip on the go. Either way, you’ll have some quiet time to reflect on your trip and even reminisce about your relationship. It’s the perfect way to end your adventure.


Plan the Ultimate Cabin Getaway

Make this year’s Valentine’s Day or romantic anniversary memorable by planning the ultimate cabin getaway. Whether your partner would love glamping or a traditional cabin experience, you’ll have an incredible time immersing yourselves in nature and celebrating your love together.


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