How to Play Washer Toss Like a Pro
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How to Play Washer Toss Like a Pro

Learn the basics of the popular washer toss game to take family fun to the next level.

Written by Cabin Life Editors


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The sun is low in the sky, a cool breeze is coming off the water, the drinks are cold and the grill is hot … heading inside the cabin is the last thing on anyone’s mind. It’s the perfect time to keep company entertained with a reader favorite: Washer Toss. This simple lawn game is similar to cornhole and horseshoes and is a family-friendly favorite for all ages. We’ll show you how to play and even make your own DIY set! 



  • A washer toss set 
  • Two-four players



The target boxes are placed 21 feet apart in a straight line. Each box has an open top and a cup or hole in the middle. The set will also have eight washers to toss, four of each color.



If playing with two players, they will stand side-by-side and throw their washers at the target. If playing in teams of two, one player from each team stands on either end of the play area.

When throwing the washers, players stand directly next to the box. To determine who pitches first, players will line up and throw a washer at the opposite box. Whoever gets closest to the box will go first.

The starting player will toss all four washers toward the opposite box before the next player’s turn. If playing in teams, the other players will repeat the process. After all the washers have been tossed, the scores are tallied, and then players switch sides before the next round. Whichever team won the round gets to go first in the next.



The game is played until one team reaches 21 points. Points are scored based on how close to the center cup or hole the washers are thrown. A washer inside the cup or hole is worth three points while a washer inside the box is worth one point. If a washer lands and stays on the edge of the box, that player automatically wins the game.

Once all the washers have been tossed, the points from each player or team are tallied. Only one player or team will finish with points because of cancellation scoring; the total number of points given to the winning team is determined by the difference of the two scores. 


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To Build or Buy

If you're up for a DIY, we've got the step-by-step instrucitons to show you how to build your own set.

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