How to Secure Your Cabin While You're Away
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How to Secure Your Cabin While You're Away

Here’s how you can secure your cabin while you’re away and give yourself peace of mind.

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Written by Olivia Elsher


Your vacation cabin might be in a safe community, but it’s still vulnerable to intrusions when you’re not around. Burglars often pick out vacation homes and other buildings that they know are vacant. Sometimes they’ll even target the same house multiple times. Here’s how you can secure your cabin while you’re away and give yourself peace of mind.


Home Security Devices

Your cabin needs a wide range of home security devices, especially if the property is expansive or is in a remote area. You can’t rely on constant vigilance from the local authorities to keep intruders away. These seven devices will ward off any unwanted visitors. 


Monitored Security System

Start by investing in a security system with 24/7 monitoring from a trusted company. Today’s advanced security systems perform constant indoor and outdoor surveillance. Cameras and alarms are the system’s main devices, but it can also have motion sensors and light fixtures.

For your cabin’s purposes, mobile alerts will be the most important feature of your security system. If the monitoring devices identify suspicious activity on your property, the company will send you an alert to your cell phone. This feature enables you to act quickly, call your neighbors or contact authorities if necessary.


Motion-Activated Floodlights

Floodlights are an absolute necessity for large properties. They can cover entire fields and light up a wooded area without issue. It’s crucial that you don’t leave any corners or shadowed areas for criminals to hide. Put a few motion-detecting lights around the vulnerable parts of the house so they can immediately reveal the presence of intruders. 

Not only will your security system send an alert, but anyone nearby will see the suspect snooping around. Your nearest neighbors will immediately know something is wrong.


Video Doorbell

Video doorbells capture all kinds of footage that might pose a security threat. They also dissuade intruders from trying the front door, which is the most common entrance that burglars use. This device works in unison with the motion-activated floodlights because neighbors will easily be able to see the activity around your front door.

If you trust your neighbors, you could even give them access to the doorbell’s remote controls and camera footage. 


Deadbolt Locks

Locks are essential home security tools because they’re often the final obstacles preventing an intruder from breaking in. It’s time to ditch your old locks and upgrade to heavy-duty deadbolts on all the entrances and exits in your home. Deadbolts are heavier and stronger than chain locks with a simple installation process.


Window Tints

Windows are helpful resources for intruders. They allow unwanted eyes to see your cabin’s contents from outside and scope out the floor plans. Apply frosted tints to your windows to distort your home’s interior view and ensure that nobody sees your valuables. This addition is especially important for vulnerable places like the garage and front door windows.


Door and Window Sensors

Door and window sensors will take your cabin’s security to the next level. They set off an alarm and send an alert to your phone if someone opens a door or breaks the glass. These sensors are useful for non-human intruders as well. If your cabin is in a rural area with lots of animal activity, a critter might try to break in while you’re away.


Safe Storage for Valuables

If you leave random items lying around your property, your cabin will become an attractive target for thieves. Buy a safe or a dresser with a hidden compartment for your most valuable items. Lock them up in the basement, closet or another room that criminals are less likely to search. 

Secure your outdoor furniture to the ground with bolts, locks and steel cables. Stainless steel cables are the best options because they can withstand harsh weather conditions and are extremely difficult to break through. Store your vehicles and electronics in dry places that will stay at room temperature. Add locks and alarms wherever you feel they’re necessary.


Extra Security Precautions

Aside from these effective security devices, you can take other precautions to protect your vacation cabin. Apply these additional safety tactics to create the illusion that you’re still occupying the cabin.


Stay in Touch with Neighbors

Most break-ins occur when the homeowner is gone as you might expect, so you need help from other people to secure your cabin. Neighbors can keep you posted on any suspicious activity around the property. They can also water house plants, take in the mail and do other small helpful tasks.

Criminals will see your neighbors and think twice about targeting your cabin. Help from neighbors will also give you great assurance that your valuables are safe. Your security efforts won’t feel so isolated, and you won’t have to solely rely on technology to guard your property


Set Timers for Lights 

A great way to ward off intruders is by setting periodic timers for the cabin’s lights. This simple strategy will keep up the appearance that someone is home. Light timers also make it impossible for criminals to coordinate a plan. They don’t know when the lights will turn on, so they never have a prime opportunity to break in. 


Hire a Landscaping or Cleaning Service

Keeping the house clean and maintaining the yard also makes it seem like you’re at home. The presence of a landscaping or cleaning crew will scare intruders away. There would be far too much human activity around the cabin for burglars to make a move.


Be Cautious Online

Your online activity can make or break your cabin’s security. Don’t broadcast your location, travel plans or other activities on social media. Burglars scour social media for victims all the time. The information you put on social media is just as valuable as the objects inside your house. Keep a low profile online and always think twice before posting anything.


Keep Your Vacation Cabin Safe

Your vacation cabin’s safety depends on two factors: your security devices and your day-to-day habits. Use every security device at your disposal and practice smart daily precautions. You invested a lot of money into your cabin, so it only makes sense to go all-in on security.


Olivia Elsher is a Senior Writer & Editorial Manager at Renovated. She has over five years of experience writing about home improvement, maintenance, renovation, and interior design. 


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