How to Wash Hard-to-Reach Windows
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How to Wash Hard-to-Reach Windows

Q: Our log cabin has a two-story wall of windows on one side. Is there any way we can wash the windows ourselves without having to climb a ladder?
– Mary, via email

A: A wall of windows is a great way to let lots of natural light in and maximize outdoor views from your cabin. However, cleaning them poses a bit of a challenge.

Luckily, there are cleaning products available to make the task a little easier. There are a number of companies, including Windex, Unger, and Grainger, that sell telescopic poles with attachable squeegees for those hard-to-reach windows.

There are also water-fed poles with brushes on the end; attach one of these to your outdoor hose, and direct water up to the window for easy cleaning.

Another option is to use a high-pressure hose in combination with a cleaning solution that requires no scrubbing. One example is the Windex Outdoor Multi-Surface cleaner. Simply attach the bottle of cleaner to your hose, then turn the nozzle to “rinse,” and rinse off your windows. Then turn the nozzle to “clean,” spraying the entire surface with the cleaner. Let the suds soak (but not dry) for 15 minutes, rinse the window completely, then let it air-dry. The cleaner won’t harm plants (it’s environmentally friendly when used properly), and it can also be used on patio furniture, play sets, vinyl siding and most other surfaces.
Greg Amundson, Deer Creek Cedar Homes,

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