James Bond Martini Recipes
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James Bond Martini Recipes

According to a recent Cabin Life reader survey, 89 percent of you occasionally enjoy a cold beer, a glass of wine or other spirits at your cabin. And we’re betting all of you have served up a mean fruit punch or other tasty non-alcoholic beverage at some point, too. That’s a lot of frosty drinks on hot summer days, or warm hot chocolates to chase the chill away. And to that, we say cheers!

When cabin-lovers aren’t escaping for a long summer weekend at their favorite getaways, they can often be found escaping the heat in the air-conditioned comfort of a movie theater. Few films capture the idea of summer blockbuster escapism better than the Bond films. And you can’t think of James Bond without thinking of his signature drink and the classic catchphrase that goes with it:
"Vodka Martini: Shaken, not stirred."

But why, James? What’s so bad about a stirred martini? We did our homework and came up with three reasons why that smooth Brit prefers his drink this way.

1. The drink gets colder and more refreshing: Shaking the drink means the ice comes into contact with the entire drink, chilling it more effectively.

2. It dissolves the vermouth: Which some martini drinkers prefer, as it makes the drink feel less oily to the lips.

3. It lets air in: Also known as “bruising” (which a lot of gin martini drinkers despise), it gives martinis a little more sharpness or bite, which some people prefer.


We asked “Martini Bob” (aka Bob Perry), bar manager at Smoky’s in Madison, Wis., and hands-down one of the best bartenders in the nation, for some fun 007-inspired martinis. And he was only too happy to oblige.
Casino Royale: Hendrick’s gin & Grand Marnier topped off with champagne.

Goldfinger Tini: Three Olives Orange vodka, orange juice & Tuaca.
From Russia, With Love: Stolichnaya vodka, a splash of Triple Sec, Cointreau & Grand Marnier.
James Bond Tini: Three Olives Naked vodka and a splash of Hendrick's gin. Shake well and pour into a frosted martini glass and garnish with a bleu cheese olive.

READER RESOURCE: For more great Bond-inspired martinis, visit www.martinibobs.com.

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