Log Railing Care
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Log Railing Care

The experts at Sashco have pulled together four things you can do to help your log railings last longer.



My log railings seem to take a beating every year. What can I do to help them last a bit longer?

You're right - exposed railings really take the brunt of everything. They get direct sunlight, sitting snow, freeze/thaw pressure, you name it. It's a lot for wood to handle! Here are four things you can do to help them last longer:

1. Cover post ends.
  • Exposed log ends are like sponges. UV damage opens up pores and they drink up any moisture that comes their way. Prevent that moisture from getting into those pores in the first place with copper or aluminum end caps.
2. Drill weep holes
  • Most railings are built with blind holes where the spindle and railing meet. Those holes collect water and invite rot, mold, and mildew. Drill weep holes where the spindles and railings connect to allow this moisture to drain.
3. Install borate rods.
  • Both CobraTM rods and Impel Rods are great tools in high-exposure railings. These solid rods of borate and/or copper effectively "neutralize" moisture, preventing rot. Bonus: they're replaceable. Simply check them during your semi-annual maintenance checks. If one has dissolved, replace it.
4. Keep your stain in good shape.
  • There's no way around doing more regular (usually annual) maintenance on your railing's stain. Keeping the stain in good shape will also prevent moisture infiltration, thus prolonging the life of the railings.

Published on: January 9th, 2019

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