Mood Lighting for the Backyard
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Mood Lighting for the Backyard

Need a bit more light in your backyard? Liven up your outdoor space with these stylish lighting tips.

Article courtesy of Garden Gate Magazine
No getaway is complete without a little lighting. Here are several products that’ll help you illuminate your backyard retreat. Have a look!

1. Lanterns

These aren’t high-tech. They’re classic and elegant. Hang a few on shepherd’s hooks or thread a heavy ribbon through the lantern’s handle and tie it to a tree branch.
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Look for those that have drainage at the bottom so they don’t hold rainwater.

Great idea

Put a fragrant pillar candle in your lantern so you can enjoy the scent.

2. Landscape lighting

Uplight a dramatic tree or shed light on a path. For the widest variety of uses, you can’t beat traditional landscape lighting. There’s a light for almost any purpose you can think of. You’ll find them in both solar and low-voltage models. Solar isn’t as bright but easier to install. Low-voltage gives you more style options and uses.
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Wait until you have your garden designed before you start installing lights. That way you’ll know where you need them most.

Great idea

Focus a small spotlight on your waterfall or small tabletop water feature.

3. Outdoor lamps

This is the newcomer in the world of backyard lighting. Who knew you could leave a table or floor lamp out all summer? These outdoor models are perfect for reading, and just one more element that makes you feel right at home.
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Keep your lamp in a protected spot, such as a porch, so it doesn’t get blown around by the wind.

Cool idea

Mix and match. Many retailers offer several different base finishes and shade options. Choose a combination to match your decor.

4. Strand lights

From whimsical fiber optic butterflies to elegant cafe lights, strand lights aren’t just for holidays anymore. Wind them through a potted plant. Outline your arbor. They’re perfect for drawing you in.
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Make sure the lights start on the item you’re decorating, not back at the plug-in — use an extension cord!

Cool idea

Buy umbrella lights — they’re strung together like a big octopus and attach to the ribs on your patio umbrella. Very festive!

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