The Best Recipes for Homemade Cabin Cooking
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Must-Have Recipes for Cabin Living

The ingredients for a perfect cabin recipe? Easy to make, satisfying to eat and something that brings the whole family together!

Written by Megan Schetzsle
Photography by Megan Schetzsle
Best Recipes for Cabin Living
Some of the best memories at the cabin are made around the table. From cozy breakfasts to laughter-filled dinners, gathering at mealtime with your whole cabin crew is a time-honored way to celebrate each season at the cabin. We've rounded up some of our favorite cabin-ready recipes–ones you can come back time and time again. Plus, most of these recipes also follow the criteria in The Easiest Meals to Make in Small Cabin Kitchens: they’re one-pot, slow cooker, or big-batch. Here are our must-have recipes for each season of cabin life: 

For Fall

As the leaves change and the weather cools, we’re craving warm, cozy meals inspired by the season. 
Pot Roast with Carrots and Potatoes
Perfect for fall, this hearty pot roast is slow cooked in a dutch oven until pull-apart tender. 
Slow Cooker Apple Cider 
Your whole cabin will smell heavenly as this homemade apple cider brews in your slow cooker. It’s made with fresh fruit, apple juice and fall spices.
Classic Beef Chili
A classic, easy recipe for beef chili that’s full of bold, satisfying flavors. 

For Winter

There’s nothing like a hearty, hot meal after a long winter day. The best recipes for this season are ones that will keep you warm and full. Plus a slow cooker hot chocolate recipe that will get you through even the coldest winter days!
Chicken Pot Pie with Biscuits
A tasty dinner that takes only 15 minutes to prepare, this chicken pot pie is loaded with chicken and vegetables and topped with fluffy, flaky biscuits.
Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate
If you’ve never had slow cooker hot chocolate, it’s a must-try this winter! This is the ultimate homemade hot chocolate and is heavenly to sip on next to a warm fire or while opening Christmas presents.
Prime Rib Roast 
A festive, special-occasion roast recipe, this rib roast is popular for Christmas or New Year’s dinner. It’s a must-have recipe around the holidays, especially if you have guests at your cabin.

For Spring

Spring is one of the most exciting seasons of cabin life: as the snow melts, there’s a newness to spring that’s fun to celebrate. One of the best ways to enjoy this season is by recipes inspired by spring’s flavors and occasions.
French Toast Casserole
Between Easter and Mother’s Day, spring has plenty of reasons to cook brunch. Whether it’s a holiday or just a lazy Sunday, this one pan french toast casserole is sure to be a family favorite. 
Guinness Beef Stew
This stew is not only a hearty, one-pot recipe — it’s a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day each spring. 
Carrot Cake
Using one of the most popular flavors of spring, this carrot cake recipe is one to save and make each year.

For Summer

Summertime at the cabin is best spent outdoors, rather than in the kitchen. Our favorite summer recipes are quick to make and perfect for an outdoor picnic or grill.
Huckleberry Pie
If your cabin is in an area where you’re lucky enough to pick huckleberries, this pie is the tastiest way to use them! Or you can substitute your favorite berries (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries) to turn this into a summer berry pie. 
Cowboy Caviar Dip
This colorful dip is a favorite appetizer or side dish for outdoor get-togethers. Whether you’re cooking out, camping, or need a snack to grab-and-go this fresh and healthy dip is perfect.
Easy Beef Kabobs 
Kabobs are an easy go-to for summer nights at the cabin. They have something for everyone (beef and various vegetables) and are always a crowd pleaser. 

About Megan

Megan lives with her husband and son in an 800-square-foot log cabin in Jackson Hole, WY. In search of a simpler pace of life, Megan and her husband took a leap of faith to pursue their own cabin dreams: they quit their jobs, sold what they own, and moved across the country from downtown Austin, TX to their mountainside cabin in Jackson Hole, WY. 

Megan runs her blog The Cabin Diary (, and can be found sharing day-to-day cabin life through social media (@thecabindiary).

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