Nature Memory Ornaments
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Nature Memory Ornaments

These two-sided, birch-bark ornaments are a great way to capture some of your favorite cabin memories, and they look great as holiday décor!

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Photo Credit: Tanya Back

The front:

Obtain a sheet of bark from a fallen birch tree. (Do not harvest from a live tree, as this can cause permanent damage to the organism.) Cut out any shape that represents a person, event or funny moment at the cabin! Fish, hearts, houses, leaves, boats and birds are great starter shapes. Carve or write a name or date on the birch bark with a craft knife.

The back:

Glue a photo, add decorative paper, paint a picture, or just simply write your favorite cabin memory on the back of the bark shape with a permanent marker.

The details: 

Add some fun personalized embellishments, such as photos, bird feathers, acorns, twigs, mini pinecones and other found objects that will stand the test of time. Make a hole in the top of the shape with a single-hole punch, and string some twine through it. Voilà! You’re ready to hang your ornament.


  • Flatten any pieces of curly bark with steam from an iron, and sandwich pieces between heavy books for an hour or longer, depending on thickness.
  • If the ornament is flimsy after cutting, replicate the shape on another piece of bark, and then again on a piece of thin cardboard. Glue the cardboard piece in between the two birch pieces before decorating.
  • To protect the art or images used on the back, spray with a UV-resistant, clear, acrylic coating prior to stringing the ornament.

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