One-Mug Recipes That Are Perfect for Cabins
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One-Mug Recipes That Are Perfect for Cabins

These clever recipes prove quick and easy can also be quite delicious.

Written by Karen Marley
 Photo by Thomas Park / Unsplash
There’s nothing quite like cozying up with a warm meal after a long day playing at the cabin, no matter the season. You know the vibe — a crackling fire, piles of plush pillows, soft blankets, and maybe a furry friend cuddled up next to you. There’s only one thing missing from this dreamy scene – a nice hot mug filled with something scrumptious.
When it comes to mugs, most people think of sipping a tasty treat like hot cocoa, tea, or even soup. But why limit yourself? Let us introduce you to mug meals. Like the name implies, these are eats that are made in a mug. Most mug recipes use a microwave, taking only minutes to go from craving to noshing, although some can be adapted to an oven.
We gathered up four wholesome, healthy recipes perfect for your cabin kitchens.

Breakfast: Oat Mug Cake

Basic recipe by: My Quiet Kitchen
Power up your day with a fresh, warm nut-butter muffin in a mug. The ingredient list is simple — nut or seed butter, non-dairy milk (although cow milk would be fine), real maple syrup or honey, vanilla extract, oat flour, cinnamon or pumpkin spice blend, baking powder, and sea salt.
The nut butter packs a punch of protein and oat flour is a heart-healthy alternative to processed, bleached white flour. We recommend mixing in some extras such as chopped walnuts, dried fruit, or toasted flax seeds for extra nutrients. Or substitute cocoa powder for the spices. The basic recipe is vegan but mixing in an egg adds volume and protein. Go here for ingredient details and cooking instructions.

Lunch or Dinner: Spinach Ricotta Lasagna in a Mug

Recipe by Healthy Nibbles
Lasagna from scratch in 15 minutes? Yes, please. Loaded with fresh spinach, bell peppers, basil leaves, and tomato sauce this quickie lasagna fills you up with veggies while lavishing your taste buds with the warm melted cheeses. The key to success is using a fresh lasagna sheet. Get the recipe here for ingredient details and cooking instructions.

Snack: 5 Ingredient Granola

Basic recipe by PowerHungry

You can have a mug full of a nutritious snack in as quick as five minutes. The basic ingredients are easy: rolled oats, real maple syrup, nuts or seeds, dried fruit, and oil of your choice. But the beauty of granola is the ability to customize it to your tastes. With such a quick return on effort, try experimenting with adding spices or even going savory with rosemary and olive oil. Molasses and honey make nice alternatives to maple syrup. Go here for ingredient details and cooking instructions.

Dessert: Mini Flourless Chocolate Cakes

Recipe by Paleo Leap
Decadent chocolate? Check. Scrumptious, warm cake texture? Check. A house filled with the aroma of cocoa? Check. For all the flavor and none of the guilt, this banana and cocoa mug cake recipe will surprise and delight you. Go here for ingredient details and cooking instructions.
Tip: We recommend using a glazed, ceramic mug over an unglazed, textured mug. Doing so will make cleaning up much easier.

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