Photographer David R. Johnson Follows Nature As His Inspiration
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Photographer David R. Johnson Follows Nature As His Inspiration

David R. Johnson's amazing outdoor photograph uses nature as his inspiration.

David R. Johnson is a photographer from Grand Marais, Minn., on the North Shore of Lake Superior. A fourth generation Cook County resident, he grew up exploring the area’s vast forests, lakes, rivers and streams. “I travel the back country of all seasons with my rescued golden retriever, Gus, looking for ‘that’ shot, Johnson says. “I grew up with a little Brownie camera, taking pictures of anything and everything. I have progressed to much better gear now. My inspiration is just being out with nature and its ever-changing wonders. I still take photos of everything, but the northern lights are my favorite, followed by wildlife.”

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Loving David R. Johnson's work? For more info and to order photos & other media, go to davidrjohnson.

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