Pressure Washers for the Cabin
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Pressure Washers for the Cabin

Trying out today's pressure washer technology.

Trying out today's pressure washer technology.

By Ernest Lorensson IMG_1993So you have either borrowed – and/or envied – your cabin neighbor’s pressure washer for so long, you’re thinking about buying one for your place. And it’s easy enough to explain this purchase to your spouse. Of course, you start your case with, “But, honey …” And so it goes something like this: “But, honey, I can use it to powerwash the deck, the dock, our flagstone walkway, the boat hulls, the floor of the fish-cleaning station, the ATVs, the ________.” (You fill in the blank.) Curious about today’s latest pressure washer improvements and gizmos, we recently tried out two Yamaha pressure washers. We tried Yamaha’s PW3028 and PW4040 units. We spent most of our time with the PW3028. With its 3,000 PSI, it’s more than enough machine for any jobs around our cabin. We tried out the PW4040 (4,000 psi) just for kicks – and because we wanted to try its Surface Cleaner attachment. What we found was that it’s more muscle than most people need for residential or cabin use.


First, the 5-in-1 pivoting nozzle of the PW3028 makes it easy to choose from 3 different pressure settings and 2 soap settings. No more fooling around with trying to attach/detach different colored nozzles or monkeying with a separate soap mechanism. The tip easily swivels, too, and can lock into several angles. A built-in detergent/soap tank is attached right in front of the unit as well, so you won’t spill stuff all over the place by using an external container.

Ease of use

The PW3028 engine was built for commercial use, and everything on it is top-of-the-line. Yamaha had the average consumer in mind, and fitted it 100% for consumer ease-of-use. Example: The handle midway down on the spray-wand rotates 360 degrees and locks into place so you are never awkwardly spraying things and contorting your body. This alone significantly cuts time and subsequent body aches. We were not fatigued one bit after scouring a concrete walkway. Having a hard time moving your current pressure-washer around? Not this one! It has never-flat tires that will roll over anything. The tires are solid, lightweight and durable, and easily go up and down stairs, over rough cabin terrain, and anywhere you want to roll the PW3028.


Featuring all-brass, heavy-duty connectors and hose fittings, this unit will make it through a year of abuse by an active outdoor family. The water is actually moved by a high-quality brass Triplex CAT pump. Other non-name-brand companies use pumps that are rated to last less than a tenth of the time that this pump is rated for, and it gives consistent pressure. The braided steel hose is also wrapped and made to last. The entire unit folds flat and takes up less space in my garage than my older, less powerful pressure washer. Finally, a smart feature is the protective rubber that encases the nozzle on this wand. How many times do you accidentally drop the end of a wand on the concrete while working? With this simple, logical solution, you will be repairing or replacing far fewer nozzles, ends and wands over the years. Bonus: A Surface (floor) Cleaner accessory is available for the 4,000 psi model. It will clean your garage floor fast, according to Yamaha – four times faster than a standard nozzle. It features rotating nozzles and covers a 15-inch cleaning path. We found it very easy to use, and more than a little fun, as it acts like a small hovercraft.

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