Property Brother's Advice on Tiny Home Living
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Property Brothers' Advice on Tiny Home Living

We met up with HGTV's Property Brothers, and they gave us some space-saving design solutions you can use for the cabin.

Written by Donna Peak
Property Brother's Advice on Tiny Home Living
Jonathan and Drew Scott are world-renowned for transforming tired houses into timeless treasures, which often requires adding extra living space to make the house function well. But how do they feel about going the opposite direction — going tiny? We talked to the identical duo about what they feel you need for small-house success.

“Being human giants, almost every house feels tiny to us,” says Jonathan (he and his brother tower at 6’5”). “To see how tiny living feels, Drew and I filmed a digital series called ‘Tiny House Arrest,’ where we spent 24 hours in a tiny house with my two dogs. We learned it’s really not realistic.”

However, the brothers point out that there are lessons to be learned from these bite-sized abodes. “Taking the positives from what you see in tiny homes, like multipurpose spaces and multifunctional furniture pieces — that’s the stuff I do like,” says Jonathan.

“Smaller homes are becoming more functional,” adds Drew. “I’ve lived in condos that are less than 500 square feet that have worked. Laying out the space to maximize its use is the key. We took on a project that was a 690-square-foot, poorly designed house and reconfigured it so that the rooms were flexible and felt very spacious.” Drew’s advice: The smaller you go, the more important it is to work with a design professional to squeeze every bit of functionality out of your square footage.

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