Pros (And Cons!) of Deck + Patio Flooring
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Pros (And Cons!) of Deck + Patio Flooring

Of the many choices involved in building a deck or patio, which material to use is one of the most important. This guide will explain the pros and cons of the five most popular options to help you make an informed decision.

 Article courtesy of Garden Gate Magazine
Pros (And Cons!) of Deck + Patio Flooring
If you’re starting from scratch, you may be considering whether you want a deck or patio. Decks are perfect for any spot in which there’s a grade change, as patios require a flat space. Many folks combine decks and patios to get the best of both worlds. Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons of five different surface choices.


PRO: DIY project; relatively inexpensive
CON: Requires periodic cleaning and sealing to look its best; slippery when wet


PRO: DIY project; many are made of recycled materials; lots of colors and finishes
CON: More expensive than most woods; slippery when wet

Paving Brick

PRO: Easy repairs; DIY project; lots of patterns and colors
CON: Professional installation can be expensive


PRO: Quick to install; can be economical; you can stamp or stain the surface to change the look
CON: Hard to repair if it cracks; probably needs to be installed by a professional

Dry-laid Cut Stone

PRO: Durable surface; classic look
CON: Expensive; special stonecutting tools required for DIY project

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