Protecting Log Walls in Your Shower
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Protecting Log Walls in Your Shower

I am building a shower with two walls made of logs. How should I protect those logs?



The best protection will be to cover the walls with tempered glass walls to shield them from getting any moisture. (Just kidding…sort of. Keep reading.)
Let’s start with the basics: invest in a great exhaust fan (if the shower is indoors) and some highly absorbent microfiber towels that can be used to dry.
Multiple coats of a very moisture-resistant polyurethane will help, with an extra maintenance coat applied every 6 months to a year, or any time it looks like the logs have moved enough to crack the coating. Poly’s are very hard and logs move a lot, so you have to watch continuously and carefully for tannin staining (water damage) and act quickly to repair the coating whenever that is seen.
Additionally, we’d recommend you install a copious amount of CobraTM Rods. CobraTM Rods are what they use in the utility poles in Canada. They’re solid rods of borate and copper that do a heck of a job preventing rot. Install them in all log courses and seal with a bit of backer rod and caulking. Apply them from the bottom curvature up into the log to make it less noticeable. Inspect every 6 months to a year with a thin wire to make sure the rods haven’t dissolved. If they have, replace them.
In the end, expect to replace some of the logs over time. It will be difficult to prevent any moisture infiltration, but if you keep them as dry as possible most of the time, you should be able to keep them in good shape for a good while.
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