Quick & Easy Gourmet: Brunch Spectacular
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Quick & Easy Gourmet: Brunch Spectacular

Waking up at noon while at the cabin is sweet. Make it a little sweeter with the perfect brunch.

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It’s another beautiful morning at the cabin. Well, okay, be honest. It’s another beautiful late morning at the cabin ... or maybe even almost noon.
Hey, you’ll find no judgments here. Truth is, no matter how much fun awaits once day breaks at the cabin, sometimes the siren call of a little more sleep is too much to overcome.

And that’s okay, because what is the cabin for if not doing what you feel like, when you feel like it?

When you do finally get up, the sun might be a little too high in the sky for half a grapefruit or some bran cereal. And since dinner was quite a while ago, it’s time for something with a little more flash and a lot more flavor. Something that takes the brightness of breakfast and combines it with the stick-to-your-ribs substance of lunch. Something like brunch.
But wait! Don’t run screaming from the kitchen just yet. Sure, we’ve all enjoyed those elaborate brunches that cover every conceivable food group. In fact, I recently dined on a brunch plate of eggs benedict, a blueberry muffin, mashed potatoes (with gravy) and ribs. And no, I’m not proud of myself.

But just because brunch has come to mean a never-ending, somewhat overpowering collection of foods to the restaurant industry doesn’t mean you can’t have a satisfying, delicious brunch in your cabin kitchen without taking a lot of precious free time or dirtying a lot of dishes.

Here are links to four quick and easy brunch recipes that will have your family and friends holding out their plates for seconds – and have you racing down to the dock for a quick post-meal dip in minutes.

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