Removing Rust Rings
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Removing Rust Rings

Q: Is there any product available that you can safely deposit in toilet basins to prevent stagnant water/rust lines? It can be an issue when we’ve left and the toilet is not in use for a period of time. But we can’t find a product that will solve the problem without risking damage to the toilet. Also, what is a good product for removing those kinds of stains? – T.M., Eden Prairie, Minn.

A: Kohler, a maker of toilets and fixtures, recommends using Bon Ami, Zud Multi-Purpose Cream Cleanser or Super Iron Out Multi- Purpose Rust Stain Remover to get rid of ugly rust stains on toilet bowls. Iron Out also makes a product called Iron Out Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner. It’s a concentrated tablet you drop in the toilet every thirty days that cleans rust and repels new stains. The tablet works best if you try to remove the stains with one of the rust removing cleansers first. Iron Out says the automatic cleaning tablet is safe for toilet parts and septic systems and that the bowl water poses no risk to children or pets.  

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