Romantic Dinner for Two
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Romantic Dinner for Two

Steak doesn't have to be the go to for the typical dinner date. Try something new!

Photography by John and Tanya Back

My wife feels it’s a fallacy that a romantic dinner must feature steak.  She says men are the ones who generally get all excited about it. It’s not that she and other women don’t like steak, but she avers that many women, asked to choose their favorite indulgence, might pick a pint of Ben & Jerry’s before they’d go for a T-bone. And yet, if you search “romantic dinner” on the Internet, nearly every menu features steak. Steak and baked potato. Steak and asparagus. Steak and blue cheese. (My mouth is watering, but, hey, I’m a guy.)
On the verge of buying an expensive steak for a dinner à deux, I suddenly realized that the real point of a romantic meal is to cook something special for your special lady without letting her clean up. The real gift is making an effort solely on her behalf (although it’s nice if the food is good, too).
So what will show your other half that she was foremost in your thoughts when you planned the menu? I decided on an uncompromised meal of the things she loves best. I don’t love champagne; she loves bubbly (preferably a pricier rosé). I’d usually choose a red wine; she loves a tart, dry sauvignon blanc. I like steak; she likes salmon, with super-crisp skin. I like baked potatoes; she could happily eat a whole bowl of buttered egg noodles. Of course, you know your partner best; if steak is her dream meal, buy the cut she likes and grill in peace.
But if she’d like you to get creative, here’s a simple menu that shows you’re making the effort. This menu has the added benefit of grilling very quickly, so you’re not standing outside for long in the cold. Your loved one will be so impressed by your gesture, you’ll be glad you spent the price of a porterhouse on that pink champagne.
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