Simple & Down-to-Earth Holiday Decorating Ideas
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Simple & Down-to-Earth Holiday Decorating Ideas

Keep it simple – that’s a refreshing maxim we’re reminded of whenever we visit the cabin. So it makes sense to keep holiday decorating at the cabin nice and easy, too.
    On a typical weekend, packing the car for a trip to the cabin can be like playing a master-level game of Tetris. So, there’s not much wiggle room at holiday time for those extra sleeping bags, stacks of gifts and bins of decorations. Instead of hauling up the entire load of your standard décor, bring just the ornaments, keepsakes, stockings, menorah, etc. that are the most meaningful.
    Once you get to the cabin, use these inspirations to get creative. A little greenery plucked from a nearby evergreen or two, a sprinkle of DIY sparkle, a touch of innovation, and voilà – you’ve transformed your retreat into a festive hideaway without too much fuss. Now, light that fire, cuddle in with your honey (or honeys), watch the snow fall quietly, and take a deep, relaxing breath. Enjoy!

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