Small Cabin Across the Pond
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Small Cabin Across the Pond

Thomas Riecken photographed this winter escape on the beautiful shores of Almsee Lake in the Northern Alps of Austria. The retreat is nestled into the Almsee Nature Preserve, just south of the village of Grünau im Almtal. This image shows the snow-covered roofs of the cabin and a barn in front of it that is built directly into the water for fish farming. There’s also a small boathouse near the cabin that’s not shown here.

Almsee Lake is known to have many fish, and nesting along its shores are a variety of wild birds, including the Graylag Goose. Other than fishing and birdwatching, activities at the lake include hiking its scenic trails, cycling, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, rafting, horseback riding, swimming, volleyball, hang gliding, paragliding, golf and tennis. 

Famous ethologist Konrad Lorenz chose to live in this area. Ethology involves the study of animal behavior under natural conditions. If visiting, be sure to see the Konrad Lorenz Research Center. And, of course, there are plenty of skiing opportunities in the Alps! 

Click here to see more photos taken by Thomas Riecken of this small cabin and its outbuildings.

Thomas Riecken

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