Small Cabin at Eagle Point
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Small Cabin at Eagle Point

Nestled into the beautiful shoreline of San Juan Island, Wash., this full-time retreat is situated such that one can take in the magnificent view, but not be aware of neighboring residences. Due to rough winters at the location, it’s also beneficial for the place to be tucked into as protected a spot as could be found by the designers, Prentiss Architects.

The retreat has 8-inch-thick walls with double insulation and a thickened living roof with native grasses. Cedar siding is low-maintenance and gives a more natural look.

The path from the parking area is just that – a narrow path up and over rock formations, twisting in between old, low-hanging Douglas fir branches and clumps of snowberry, like a path the deer might have made.

See more photos of this escape.

View the floor plan.

Photo by Geoffrey Prentiss,

Geoffrey Prentiss,
Geoffrey Prentiss,

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