Small Cabin in the Wilderness
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Small Cabin in the Wilderness

Mathijs Delva is a photographer from Belgium who has a passion for the little details in nature. He’d visited other countries in Europe with his girlfriend, but in the spring of 2012, he decided to go on a hiking trip on his own in Norway.

“Since Norway is a mountainous country, I had to stay pretty south because otherwise there would still be too much snow in the mountains at this time of the year,” says Mathijs. “I settled for South Norway, near a small town called Vikersund. Once I arrived there, bags packed and camera gear mounted, I started my hike of about six days in the wilderness of South Norway.”

After five days of going through a protected area, not seeing a single car, road, track or person, he reached a spot near a small lake where this charming cabin sits perched on the water’s edge. It was deserted at the time, likely used as a winter cabin for a popular ski resort nearby.

Mathijs describes the discovery as a happy experience, “I encountered a small lake (one of many) with a beautiful little cabin sitting on the shore. I put up my tent since it was about 7 p.m., had some dinner, and decided to go for a little stroll down to the lake. Just then, the sun was beautifully shining its last rays right onto the cabin. It was 11 p.m. by then, and the sun had a beautiful golden shine to it. The water was clear turquoise.”

Seeing this scene with the little red cabin made him reach automatically for his camera. He made a long exposure shot, waited happily for the result, and sat with a smile facing the sun until its light faded away.

Photo by Mathijs Delva,
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Mathijs Delva,

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