Small Cabin Tree House on the Beach
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Small Cabin Tree House on the Beach

This small cabin tree house sits on 25 acres in remote British Columbia and is used as a bunkhouse for Tatchu Surf Adventures, a surf-guiding outfit on Canada’s West Coast. Canadian surfer Raph Bruhwiler guides groups to the waves around the area. But, if the surf is flat, there are plenty of outdoor activities in the vicinity to keep a nature lover busy. The property consists of one grand log cabin lodge, a wood-burning cedar sauna, and two sleeping cabins (one of which is pictured here).

The lodge on the property is the center of activity, and like the tree houses, it is constructed from local timber. The sauna warms up surfers coming in from water temperatures ranging 50–60°F. 

The Tatchu surf camp was established in 1999. It operates along the coastline of Nootka Island and Vancouver Island, in a beautiful coastal/rainforest zone. The Tatchu Adventures Eco Surf Village on Nootka Island has more than 1,500 meters of boardwalk throughout the village connecting the tree houses and other buildings on the property.

Learn more about the camp’s surfing guide Raph Bruhwiler at or

Photo by Mark McInnis,

Mark McInnis,

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