Small Cottage by the Sea
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Small Cottage by the Sea

Located at Nauset Heights in East Orleans, Mass., this “Little House,” as its owners call it, was built around 1910 by an artist from New York. The original structure had only a dirt floor, a stove and one “crow’s nest” bunk with a tiny window. Today, the cottage is about twice its original size, with a full kitchen, round fireplace, dining room and two sleeping bunks up high. An 8-foot panoramic window with a 180° view facing the ocean provides an excellent place for a dining room table, which is hinged directly below, and can be folded down when extra space is needed. The cottage is only 30 feet from the edge of a 75-foot bluff that overlooks the inner Nauset Harbor, Nauset Beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

The retreat is one of three cottages in a compound called “Rabbit Bluff,” which is often used for family reunions during the summer. Take a look at this video slideshow to see more images of this cottage and the others on the property.

The compound is available to rent for family vacations and family gatherings. Click here to find out more about renting the property and about the history of “Rabbit Bluff.”

Photo by Ted Kerwin

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Ted Kerwin

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