Soda Shop Cupcakes
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Soda Shop Cupcakes

Anyone who loves escaping to the cabin understands the allure of slowing down to let life’s little pleasures become the weekend’s main events.

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Photo Credit: John and Tanya Back
Chocolate-Raspberry Malt Cupcakes
That’s why cabin country may be one of the best places left to find a bona fide soda fountain, still staffed by soda jerks proudly serving bubbling soda-and-ice-cream drinks to visitors spinning on chrome stools along the back wall of a local mom-and-pop drugstore. If you find one of these gems, it’s a great treat to share something sweet and fizzy with your favorite people.
These tasty cupcakes were inspired by the flavor experimentation made possible by the array of syrups, ice creams, tonics, and toppings available in classic soda shops. But the recipes were designed with modern speed in mind (we won’t take away your Martha Stewart points for using cake mix!), so turn on some old-timey music, get out your mixer, grab the nearest half-bored child, and have fun concocting!

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