Solar Cooking Tips & Recipes
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Solar Cooking Tips & Recipes

These days, it’s not uncommon to hear of many people utilizing the sun to power their off-grid cabins, but did you know that you can also harness the sun’s energy to cook your food? With an All American Sun Oven, you can bake, boil or steam food without turning on an oven inside the cabin during the heat of summer. You can use the device in winter as well.

The Sun Oven uses reflective panels to direct the sun’s rays into a small, well-insulated box that traps the heat. Inside, temperatures can get as high as 350–400°F.

I have found the Sun Oven to be a cost-effective, quality investment that pays for itself very quickly. It’s capable of cooking everything under the sun (pun intended) except fried foods. You can pasteurize your water; heat water for dishes; bake breads; dehydrate fruits, vegetables and meats; hard-boil eggs in as little as 20 minutes; or use the Sun Oven like a slow cooker while you spend more time relaxing at the cabin.

Tammy Trayer lives off the grid in northern Idaho with her family. Learn more about solar cooking at

Here are some of Tammy's favorite recipes for solar cooking:
For many more recipes to try in your All American Sun Oven, visit
Tammy Trayer

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