Space-Saving Cabin Bunks & Bed Nook Designs
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Space-Saving Cabin Bunks & Bed Nook Designs

When you're stuck in traffic again, feeling stressed by the blaring horns and bright-red brake lights, your thoughts may whisk to your faraway retreat where things are at peace. Your cabin gives you a special feeling that no other place really can.

Creating a bed nook at your cabin can emphasize this special feeling. You can find refuge at the cabin, and what better way to do it than crawling into a cozy nook surrounded on three sides by secure walls, and if you’d like, you can even close a curtain on that fourth side and pass away an afternoon reading a good book.

And nooks are great space-savers, too. Put one into a corner loft space or an in-between area to maximize a room. Create storage underneath or alongside. There are many different options, and they can work in various rooms. Take a look at these selections to spark some ideas of your own.

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