How to Organize a Small Cabin Kitchen
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3 Big Ideas for Little Cabin Kitchens

No matter if they’re large or small, kitchens have to have certain essentials to function properly. So once you install the stove, sink and fridge, every leftover square inch is precious real estate that needs to be maximized. This is why professional designer Katie Geddes has teamed up with Wren Kitchens to offer their smartest tips to make the most of tiny kitchens. Here’s what they suggest to get your small house in order:


1. Get Smart. Decide which appliances you have to have.

With a limited amount of space, some items are naturally essential whereas others are less necessary. It all comes down to your daily habits and personal preferences. For some, a coffee pot may as well be the font of life; others skip the daily java but can’t imagine a house without a popcorn machine. Whatever it is, if you’ll use it regularly, carve out a place to store it; if you won’t, purge it.

2. Invest in double-duty appliances. 

Once you know which gadgets are really important to you, to get the most functionality out of a minimal amount of stuff, look to models that have more than one purpose. For example, an oven that’s also an air-fryer or a coffee machine that also makes espresso drinks. 

3. Group items before you organize.

When organizing your kitchen cupboards in an effort to optimize space, remove everything first and then group gadgets and materials together by purpose. For instance, a mixer, measuring cups and rolling pins can share cabinet space with flour, sugar and starch to create a baking station. This process has the added benefit of paring down items that aren’t regularly used.

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