The Best Weekend Backpack to Take to the Cabin
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The Best Weekend Backpack to Take to the Cabin

Finding a backpack that conveniently carries all your things—while still looking fashionable—for that quick weekend getaway at the cabin can be a challenge. Good thing we found the perfect one.

Written by Samantha Trueheart
Photography by Mark Sorenson
The Best Weekend Backpack to Take to the Cabin
Photo Credit: Mark Sorenson
Preparing for a weekend at the cabin is no small task. You have to think about the groceries, the emergency supplies, the toys and the kid’s things on top of just packing for yourself. In order to save some room in the car, packing light is a necessity for these types of trips.

Backpacks are in no short supply. But finding a bag that can fit a large amount of clothing, toiletries and accessories in a size that is reasonable to carry can be difficult. Plus, we wanted something that was beautifully made and still stylish—even if we’re only going into the woods.

Thankfully, Love 41’s Wanderers Backpack fit all of our requirements. This 15 ½” full-grain leather bag is impressingly durable and has double security closures with zippers and flaps to ensure everything inside stays safe.

The Cabin Life staff took this backpack through the airport, to large urban conferences, hiking in the Colorado mountains, and on spontaneous weekend trips—and they found it to be sublime in all situations.

There were times when the bag felt heavy after wearing it all day, but the adjustable straps help distribute the weight evenly.

Another reason why we love this backpack is because of the good it brings through purchase. One hundred percent of the profits earned goes toward education, job training and feeding the poor in Africa, Mexico and the United States.

The Wanderers Backpack is the perfect, rustic travel bag for on-the-go situations and minimalist packing. We won’t head to the cabin without ours now!

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