The Bonus' of Fall Fishing: The Best Time to Get On The Lake
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The Bonus' of Fall Fishing: Why It's the Best Time to Get On The Lake

Autumn isnt just the end of summertime, it's bonus time for fall fishing.

Larry fishing

Autumn isnt just the end of summertime, it's bonus time for fall fishing.

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I do enjoy the Discovery Channel’s “Alaska the Last Frontier” and “The Last Alaskans.” During the fall, the Alaskans shown are always rushing to catch enough fish and harvest enough game to help them survive through the long Alaskan winters. Now, most of us cabin folks aren’t worried about surviving the winter, but fall fishing is certainly a bonus to this special time of year. Fall fish are getting ready for winter and are always feeding heavily, so they – like the Alaskan families – can survive. I like to make sure my freezer is stocked for winter with good eating fish like walleye, crappie and yellow perch. Fried up golden brown, they are a special bonus I enjoy all winter long. For fall walleye, I fish steep main-lake breaks and rocky points. Shallow weeds can also be very good. As water temperatures fall, I go to shoreline weed beds and fish in 6-15 foot depths. Having deep-water refuges nearby is a bonus. Another option is slowly trolling baits along weed edges, keeping the rig just off bottom. See also How to Get Out on the Water and Love It I usually find crappie and yellow perch on the outer edges of deep weed beds often down in 25 to 35 feet of water. Best baits for all three species: Try any artificial bait that looks like the bait fish a specific species is heavily feeding on, and of course, live baits are always good. Since summer crowds are gone, the quietness of the lake is a real bonus. Sometimes the only sounds are the water lapping against my boat or the calls of a loon that hasn’t started its fall journey. It’s wonderful! The amazing fall colors reflecting beautifully into the water is always a big bonus in cabin country. There is also the fall bonus of migrating birds that visit my cabin feeders and waterfowl that use the water as a resting place. Collecting and cooking fall mushrooms is a delicious bonus. They go great with fried fish! See also The Best Power Boat for Your Cabin There are many more bonuses to fall at the cabin that I could tell you about, but I’ve got to get back out on the water and go fishing. Larry Whiteley hosts the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Radio Show.

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