The Well-Earned Cabin in Northern Georgia
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The Well-Earned Cabin in Northern Georgia

A Florida family saves every penny they can to build their dream cabin in the Northern Georgia mountains.

The Well-Earned Cabin in Northern Georgia

David Ledee and Carmen De Cespedes are Florida residents and are the proud owners of a small cabin near the beautiful town of Blue Ridge, Georgia.

They never considered themselves the kind of people who would own a vacation home. The idea sparked in 2009 when they returned from a family trip to Colorado. From there, they knew the mountains where going to be their second home.

Their journey shaped itself into a seven-year roller coaster of events that lead to their dream of having a cabin built from the ground up. The process was long and filled with many financial obstacles. A lot of sweat and tears where vested into reaching their dream.The couple made enormous sacrifices and buckled down to a minimal, simple way of life to save money for both their son's education and a cabin.


Slowly but surely, they saved every penny they could and purchased land in 2013. By the end of 2016, they built a 912 sq ft cabin. The couple loves everything that the North Georgia mountains has to offer: the hospitality of its people, the beautiful landscape, the hiking trails, and the local wineries.


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"Having this home for us is living proof that when there is a will, there is a way," states Ledee. "Having achieved our goal has transformed our lives."


The family escapes to their safe haven every time they get a chance. They pack their three dogs and drive 12 hours straight to get to their destination. They enjoy sitting on their back deck and enjoying the peace and tranquility of being in a forest, listening to the wind as it whistles through the trees.


Ledee and De Cespedes plan to make thier cabin a forever home once they retire and enjoy the company of friends and family that cabin life brings.


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