The Wildlife National Museum and Aquairum: A Gift for All Of Us
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The Wildlife National Museum and Aquairum: A Gift for All Of Us

A tribute to outdoor living, this the Wildlife National Museum is a gift to nature and animal lovers everywhere.

The non-proit Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium in Springfield, Mo., provides an amazing tribute to life in the outdoors for everyone. The learning center offers a new discovery experience with interactive lessons that are unforgettable amid stirring examples of life in the outdoors. Through 35,000 live mammals, birds, fish, snakes, reptiles, plus world-class taxidermy mounts throughout the complex, visitors can learn about wise use of conservation and how to protect wildlife in the future.

Johnny Morris, founder of Bass Pro Shops, along with conservation leaders across America, have created a gift for all of us. At 350,000 square feet, the facility is divided into an aquarium adventure and wildlife galleries. The aquarium adventure is a 1.5 million gallon fresh and saltwater interactive experience with over 800 species of fish. The aquatic trail system provides a 300,000-gallon circular ocean habitat area, and hollow bubble aquarium areas allow you to feel like you are right in the water with the fish.

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The wildlife galleries provide over 1.5 miles of walking trails through immersive exhibits with state-of-the-art 4D dioramas and sensory Images courtesy Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Aquarium experiences you can see, feel, hear and smell. Walk through history and learn of those who hunt, fish and steward the land. View hand-painted murals that are worthy of those seen in fine art galleries.

 I cannot begin to tell the complete story of this magnifcent, peaceful, yet exhilarating place, so go to for more info.

Johnny Morris’ goal is to inspire everyone to connect with the outdoors and take care of it. Put it at the top of your list of things to see; it is a gift you will never forget.

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