Utilize Your Patio Space For Year-Round Comfort
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Utilize Your Patio Space For Year-Round Comfort

No matter what size your outdoor space is, you can turn it into a relaxing area to entertain year round. Follow these tips and tricks to creating the perfect patio space for you.

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Creating an outdoor room that everyone loves to use is easy, whether you have tons of space or just a tiny sliver of yard. The trick is to decide how you’d like to use your space, and then make the most of what you have. Some people prefer to entertain, while others like to use decks and patios for relaxing. But we’ll show you how you can use the same space for both, no matter how large (or small) your outdoor living area.


Living large: How to decorate a large cabin patio 

If you’re working with a large space, but don’t have multiple levels to help divide it up, there are other ways to create intimate areas. Plant a few containers with dwarf Alberta spruces and arrange them in a straight line to create a screen. Or let your accessories identify separate areas.

A metal dining set with a green umbrella and green seat cushions will feel like a different room entirely from a pair of metal lounge chairs adorned with sunny yellow cushions and orange throw pillows, even if they’re just on seperate ends of the same deck.

Both the cushions and the containers are temporary solutions, so you can easily switch back into entertaining mode. Just rearrange the containers to create open space, or change furniture cushions so everything matches.


Small and sweet: How to decorate a small cabin patio

Not everyone has such a large space to work with. For some, small patios and decks fit their home and lifestyle better. But that doesn’t mean small spaces can’t be perfect entertaining venues!

If you’d like to entertain a large group, turn a small deck or patio into a gateway to the rest of the yard. Set up food and drink stations on the patio, and then provide tall tables out in the yard for guests to stand around. Not only will this encourage them to mingle, but they’ll also get to check out your beautiful garden up close!

While larger decks may need lots of furniture, smaller patios and decks need fewer (but not necessarily smaller) pieces. Choose furniture that has some visual weight, especially if that’s all you’re putting on your patio or deck.

Another thing that helps a deck feel intimate is when it’s surrounded by lots of lush plants. Choose one or two fragrant plants to grow by the table so guests catch a hint of scent every time a breeze stirs.

With just a few easy adjustments and a little creative thinking, any space, whether large or small, can multitask as both a relaxing backyard getaway and the neighborhood’s favorite gathering place.


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