Vintage Style at the Cabin
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Vintage Style at the Cabin

Throwback to vintage style for your cabin.

Throwback to vintage style for your cabin.

By Janice Brewster CL-Nov-16-DI-Lands-EndAh, the good old days that were filled with sun, fun and familiar faces – those memories that create smiles when thought of today. Why not create more smiles by bringing back the feel of those good old days with nostalgic decorating? Even if your place is brand new, you can still lay the groundwork for fond memories by looking back a few years. Sometimes furniture and accessories alone can set the scene for vintage decor, but having just the right finishes and fixtures – like appropriate windows, doors, flooring and lighting – can give your cabin that ring of authenticity that’s so charming.

Fireflies Not Included

Before there was air-conditioning, a sleeping porch was the best thing that ever happened to summer. To inspire sweet dreams, add a classic metal bed topped with a cozy quilt to your screened porch, then mix in a bit of wicker, a pair of antique skis and a rocker near the fire.

CL-Nov-16-DI-Hardrock-3Lather, Rinse, Repeat History

Washing and drying clothes is a timeless chore: Maybe that’s why vintage style is a natural in the laundry room. Mix an ages-old (or reproduction) sink with open shelving for a great start on a classic look. Crisp white beadboard paneling or wainscoting adds to the retro feel, too.

Sit a Spell

Could there be a place that can generate more old-timey feelings than a front porch? Retro-styled chairs and gliders in candy colors make a whimsical first impression. Torrans Manufacturing updates these Atomic Era classics with stainless steel fasteners and high-gloss powder coating, so rust will be a thing of the past. Traditional shutters make the perfect backdrop for any porch.



Write On

Wi-fi is available at this vintage-inspired desk area, but the surroundings still look like 1940. Scalloped shelves stocked with family favorite board games and rainy-day books hang on a cheerfully painted wood-paneled wall. This spot is perfect for writing postcards or – if you must – checking email during your stay at the Gosherd Valley Cottage. Paintbynumberroom

Artsy Craftsy

Vintage style can be as easy as 1, 2, 3. Designer Shannon Berrey collected paint-by-number canvases to display en masse in this lake house bedroom. Vintage-inspired crochet throws, needlepoint pillows and simple painted bed frames complete the “sleepover at Grandma’s” feel. SarahPhipps_C_00046_WEB

That Sinking Feeling

A vintage farmhouse sink with built-in drain board sets the tone for this retro-adorable cottage kitchen. Designer Sarah Phipps painted the original cabinets a soft shade of mint and accented them with chrome hardware. Chipped linoleum countertops were replaced with stainless steel. Great Aunt Betsy would be happy making pies here. CL-Nov-16-DI-Michelle-Fries

Vintage on Ice

100_4816Ice skaters and swimmers might feel like they’ve stepped back in time to a filling station on Main Street U.S.A. with this boathouse designed by Michelle Fries of BeDe Design. Glossy red cabinets are set off by distressed barnwood paneling. Old-fashioned boathouse doors offer privacy in the changing room and sauna.

Door to the Past

Once upon a time, fairy-tale style included steep-pitched gables, decorative shingles and decorative touches. Luckily, the style is just as charming today as it was long ago. An arch-top door with a whimsical round window makes the perfect first impression on this cottage.

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