Ways to Create a Cozy Oasis for Summer
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Ways to Create a Cozy Oasis for Summer

There are several steps you can take to turn your regular home into a coveted oasis.

Written by Rose Morrison


 Photo: Ryan Stone / Unsplash


A cozy space goes beyond lighting a fireplace and layering rugs on the floor, especially in summertime. Every cabin owner wants to make their space comfortable and homey amid the heat, whether for themselves or future guests. Luckily, there are several steps to turn your regular home into a coveted oasis.


Change Up the Color

One of the best ways to make a cabin comfier is through color. However, property owners don’t have to paint the whole exterior and interior a specific hue. Wood has a certain charm that makes the vacation home blend in with the rest of nature.

Find suitable curtains, carpets, furniture, throw blankets and pillows to incorporate many shades. These accent pieces can elevate the home’s look and feel. Here are some summer palettes to consider:

  • Warm tones: Warm tones like red, orange, and yellow can make a cabin feel more vibrant and cozier. Remember to pick out brighter shades, as muted versions of these colors are associated more with autumn.
  • Metallic colors: Metallics are beautiful complementary hues. They suit almost any season and are especially lovely in the summer. Gold and silver can energize and promote creativity, and the way they glitter as sunlight catches them is beautiful.
  • Nature shades: Another color palette to use all year round is nature shades. Blue, green, brown and white all work harmoniously. Be sure to have multiple pieces with these shades to keep the balance.
  • Pastel hues: Pastels are softer colors that can help your home feel lighter and airier. Picture light pinks, purples, yellows and greens melding together. You can also go a more monochromatic route and choose one specific pastel for the whole space.


Make a Botanical Walkway

Part of the appeal of a cabin is the visual appeal of approaching it. Make the experience even better by creating a botanical walkway. You can lay out a foundation of stone steps before working on the rest of the walkway leading to the cabin.

Various summer flowers — such as the humble hibiscus or regal marigold — will be striking in front of your home. You can also pick out low-maintenance shrubs like hydrangeas or Weigela beds for maximum curb appeal and minimal work. 


Add Extra Windows

The stereotypical cabin is closed-off and secluded, but allowing some natural light to flow in can bring some benefits. Days are longer during the summer, so take advantage of that and look for spots to add windows.

Casement windows are a classic pick since they offer enough light and views. Plus, they’re easy to open and close in case extra ventilation is necessary. Some like to add borders with curtains or wall paint to make the opening seem more significant.


Build a Rooftop Deck

Get a good dose of sunshine after lounging around the cabin by building a rooftop deck. Just ensure the structure’s roofing can handle the extra weight of the deck and check building regulations in your area in the meantime. 

Once you get the green light, this project can provide you with a new space and a clearer look at your surroundings. Prop up a patio table and some seats to relax during sunrise or sunset and bring a couple of cold beverages along!


Install a Porch Swing

A simple addition to your cabin is a three-seat swing. This amenity can make a home seem even more welcoming and comfortable, especially with a large porch. Occupants of the house and other visitors can have a chat while enjoying the breeze.

Cabin owners can also opt for a one-seat swing or get some cozy bean bags for the porch instead if the space is more limited. Just remember to focus on quality — some seats may experience wear and tear from high heat exposure.


Swap to Lightweight Fabrics

Do your cabin a favor by swapping heavier furs and fabrics for lighter materials. For instance, change the bedding to lightweight linen. Swap out the living room’s throw blankets and pillows with more breathable fabrics like cotton or silk.

Making this slight change with the home's materials is especially important for vacation homes in hotter climates. You can keep the colors fun or look for vibrant patterns to keep up with the interior design.


Make a Reading Nook 

A reading nook is appropriate for any season when you want to get cozy. Find a few bookcases to hold your books and place a nice reading chair by the corner. You can also get a comfy sofa bed for maximum relaxation. 

A reading nook isn’t complete without a few other pieces of furniture. For instance, repurpose old crates for storageand surface area. You can also add a display shelf to highlight your favorite titles or hold some writing tools for annotation.


DIY a Nature-Inspired Entertainment Center

A cabin can be an excellent getaway for people who want a social media detox. That said, there’s a chance you’ll still want a bit of entertainment. Install a television where people can watch movies, play games or listen to music.

To incorporate these amenities seamlessly into the cabin, take inspiration from nature. Here are some items you can use while designing and decorating the entertainment center:

  • Fake vines: A bit of greenery can balance out the monitor and other technological additions. Choosing faux vines to drape around the sides can keep these items pristine.
  • Wooden table: Find a suitable TV stand to match the aesthetic of your entertainment center. The ideal piece — preferably handcrafted and wooden — will offer some extra storage and space. 
  • Fairy lights: Fairy lights can make your entertainment center more whimsical. A soft glow can make a difference to the space, especially during nighttime.
  • Trinkets: Display a few trinkets in your nature-inspired entertainment center. For example, a miniature landscape painting or a ceramic mushroom can tie the area together.


Invest in a Pool

No oasis is complete without a water source, so consider getting a pool, whether it's in-ground, above-ground or inflatable. It can be a good investment for your comfort and safety — after all, most public pools contain bacteria like E.coli, which can cause gastrointestinal diseases. Steer clear of those dangerous illnesses while you work on customizing your pool area decorations and furniture. 

If a pool is out of reach, look at how you can improve the bathroom at your cabin. For example, add a high-pressure rainfall showerhead to your regular shower system. This shift can make bath time much more fun in the long run.


Create Your Snug Summer Cabin 

A snug summer cabin is the key to enjoying the space despite the warmth and short time, so gather some ideas and integrate them into your cabin. You can also pick a specific suggestion or two that genuinely works with the rest of your space.


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